Tours in Germany

A turbulent and vibrant cultural highlights make the german capital to one of the most fascinating metropols of the world.

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Best of Berlin Tour

This comprehensive overview enables you to see the major highlights of Berlin accompanied by our knowledgeable and experienced guides, and maximize your time in the German capital...

Berlin was founded around 800 years ago in the area of the St Nicolas Quarter, close to Museum Island and the former Royal palace of the ruling Prussian family of Hohenzollern. Museum Island belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage List today with its re-known and world famous museums ranking equally alongside the Louvre in Paris and the British Museum in London. On this island in the river Spree stands the impressive Berlin Cathedral which is regarded as the largest Protestant church building in Northern Germany, once used as marriage and burial church of the Hohenzollern.

Driving down the Royal Mile Unter den Linden you will pass the German Historical Museum, Humboldt University and State Opera with the Opera Square where the Nazi Book Burning took place in May 1933, housing today an impressive but discreet memorial underground.

At the end of the street stands the Brandenburg Gate, the symbol of Berlin and the reunified Germany today, in contrast to pre-1989 when it marked the division between former East- and West-Berlin.

 A short walk through the Gate will lead you to the Reichstag building, the seat of the German Parliament today with the outstanding glass dome designed by Norman Foster, the British star architect.

Drive across Potsdamer Platz along the course of the former Berlin Wall.

Discover it once stood and see a real piece of it, visit Checkpoint Charlie, the most famous of all border crossings featuring in countless Cold War movies and venture through the Tiergarten Park past Victory Column to the former Western part of Berlin with the Emperor William’s Memorial Church, a WWII ruin and peace memorial today. Further afield find Charlottenburg Palace, once the summer home of Sophie, Queen of Prussia, amidst the art museum district with Surrealist, Picasso and Art Nouveau Museums.

Spend some time strolling down the Kurfürstendamm, Germany’s most famous shopping boulevard where you can get a typical German meal and, most importantly, a beer (at your own expense)!

Please keep in mind that this is your private and exclusive tour so queries and comments will be taken into consideration. Inside visits will be accommodated according to the time schedule.

Tour duration is 12 hrs and the service starts and ends at the port of call.

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Berlin Jewish Tour

As Berlin’s history is closely intertwined with Jewish history this tour will not only pass all major highlights but also look deeper into former and present-day Jewish life in the German capital.

This tour includes, of course, the drive down the former Royal Mile of Berlin, passing Museum Island and the impressive Berlin Cathedral as well as the site of the former Royal Palace, destroyed and now being rebuilt to its historical splendor! The avenue Unter den Linden leads you through the square dominated by the National Opera House and the Humboldt University, symbols of free spirits, but this square was also the showcase for plundering youths piling books out of the National library and setting them afire: 1933, the year the Nationalsocialists came to power, and the darkest and most shameful chapter of German history begins. Today there is a special memorial to which your guide will lead you. Watch out for the “Golden” Stumbling Stones, artwork and memorial to the Jewish citizens of Berlin. Your guide will point out the one right next to the Brandenburg Gate, the classic landmark site of Berlin, symbol both of the former division and now reunification of Germany.

Walk through the Gate, see where the Wall once stood and head to the Reichstag building which was set ablaze in February 1933 and burnt down nearly completely. Today it stands with its “new” old glass dome, a design by the British star architect Norman Foster. Hear which role this building played in the 1930s and what it houses today.

En route you will also come by the Memorial for the Murdered European Jews, a controversial but fascinating memorial by Peter Eisenmann: over 2000 stelae stand on top of a documentation centre. The Topography of Terror, site of the former Gestapo HQ, where an exhibition showcases the horrors of the past is part of your tour.

Make your way to the Jewish Quarter of Berlin where the rebuilt golden dome of the New Synagogue ( 1877 ) shines brightly today. This area has become one of the hotspots of the city: it is vibrant and dynamic, and ideal for “people watching”.

Walk through Grosse Hamburger Strasse and see the memorials dedicated to the former Jewish cemetery plundered and destroyed by the Nazis as well as a figurine group commemorating the deportations out of the Jewish senior citizen home that once stod here.

Berlin is full of striking pieces of contemporary architecture which blend wonderfully with the historical buildings. One of the prime examples is the Jewish Museum of Berlin, a masterpiece by Daniel Liebeskind, which houses an exhibition on German-Jewish relationship and history throughout the Jewish presence here, starting in the Middle Ages and taking the visitor through the centuries up to the present day. 

At all sites you will have time for individual and independent exploration.

Please feel free to ask for suggestions or recommendations – that is our strong point!

Tour duration is 12 hrs and the service starts and ends at the port of call.