FAQ Private Berlin Tours

We are pleased to present ourselves as a destination management company and would be elated to organise shore excursions in the German Baltic and North Sea ports for you and your guests.
Founded in 2003, PBT Tours, as a professional dmc, leads from the front. Over the years we have set high standards in our performance and quality. We are not only able to get a greater perspective but are also open for new and innovative ideas. A flexible work ethic ensures that we are always one step ahead of our competitors.
Since the formation of PBT we attend to almost all German cruise lines as well to several American and Spanish cruise lines with rising calls along the German coast line. Today our programs reflect our wealth of experience. Over the years, we have established a reliable network of suppliers and business relationships to mutual benefit. We are constantly improving our services to always guarantee high quality products for our clients.
We believe, exploring the ports of call is a fundamental aspect of the cruising experience.  With the limited time in port, it is necessary for guests to make the most of their time ashore.  A large number of guests choose their vacation package based on the ports of call and the exciting experiences these destinations are known for.
Our goal remains to provide the guests with an exciting and enriching day in their port of call from start to finish and we have enhanced the guests’ experience by implementing several fresh ideas geared to express the PBT style.

Browse our website, explore the different tours we have, choose the perfect one for you with the desired date and click for booking.

You can cancel your reservation in written form/via email.

  • More than two weeks prior to tour date: full refund
  • Less than two weeks prior to tour date: 80% refund
  • Less than seven up to two days prior to tour date: 50% refund
  • Two days prior to tour date: 25% refund
  • Less than two days prior to tour date: no refund

* Refunds are paid within 15 days after the request is made.

* Refunds are related to the price of the tour

You can pay cash on the day of the tour. We accept EURO and US Dollar, but we do not accept credit cards. Our guides will collect the money at the beginning of the tour. There will also be the opportunity to go to an ATM or Money Exchange Office during the day.
Please note: If you pay in USD we will use the exchange rate of that day.

There is no minimum for the tour. We run a tour no matter with how many participants.

If you did not receive a response from us within one business day please inform us or check your spam mail folder.

Yes, children under the age of 4 are free of charge and children from 4-17 years get a discount of 25 %.

Gratuities to the guide and/or driver are not included in the tour price. If your guide/driver did a good job, the gratuity you would like to give should match with normal standards.
If you are a group of 15 people or more the suggested gratuity should be about $20-30 per person for a driver and guide together. We recommend a division of 2/3 to the guide and 1/3 to the driver. You can tip them separately.
If you are on a private tour with around 5-10 people, the gratuities can be higher than $40-50 per person.
But it is always you who decide how much the amount should be.

Drivers or driver-guides welcome the guests directly at the pier from where the tour will start. You will recognize them from a sign with your name and/or tour.

We use coaches, minivans and limousines. We are proud to use the very best bus companies, limousine suppliers as well as minivan providers along the German coast. They are specialized in the incoming market. Vehicles & drivers meet rigorous standards of excellence and are checked on a regular basis. We believe in longstanding partnerships to mutual benefit rather than in short term success. Therefore, we have established a network of reliable partners all over Germany.
The coaches have the same spotless standards throughout the fleet (coffee machine, rest rooms, a/c, emergency equipment, PA system etc.).  All drivers wear white shirts, dark trousers and ties. The average seating capacity is 48 guests, but we fill the coaches only up to 85% to provide more comfort for our guests.
For limousines we recommend a maximum of 3 guests and minivans provide space for 5-7 guests.

Guides are the ones who will “Make or Break” a tour and thus we pay extra attention to their language skills and overall performance.
All our staff is fluent in the language for which they have been contracted and are courteous with the guests at all times. Our team of young, flexible and well-trained guides is attentive, friendly and enthusiastic with the guests andaddresses any problems or complaints brought to their attention in a speedy manner. Providing In-site into the destination or activity and noticing the details is essential to us. Presenting a professional operation also means appropriate clothing to us as our staff reflects our services.
All guides and escorts receive training at the beginning of each season to ensure that standards remain very high and stable throughout the entire cruise season.

Yes, we can organize you a hotel. Please let us know about your desires.